Knowledge in the healing world is ever expanding. To better serve you, I am constantly upgrading my qualifications so that you, my valued clients, gain the benefits.


  • Diploma Remedial Therapy (ACNM)
  • Associate Diploma Massage Therapy (ACNM)
  • Associate Diploma Structural Balancing (ACNM)
  • Associate Diploma Sports Injury Management (ACNM)
  • Foundation Member 039 of The Australian Chapter of the Homeobotanical Institute Inc.
  • Homeobotanical Institute Inc Fellow
  • Member of the International Federation of Herbal Essence Healers
  • Graduate Certificate In Laser  Therapies- Australian Institute of Laser Therapy
  • Magnetic Therapist  
  • Deep Muscle Tendon and Ligament Therapy Practitioner
  • Hydrotherm Practitioner Registration No: 10001



  • Certificate in Homeobotanical (HII)
  • Certificate in Touch for Health (ACNM)
  • Certificate in Shiatsu (SCNTC)
  • Certificate in Tuina-Anmo (CHINA)
  • Certificate in Oriental medicine - Physical Diagnosis (QCOM)
  • Certificate in Sei Tai (QCOM)
  • Certificate in Myofascial I, II, III
  • Certificate in Cranio Sacral Balancing I, II, III
  • Certificate in Master Healing (Sacred Esoratic Healing)
  • Esoretic Healing Level 3 inc. Master Healing {S. Benhaylon}
  • Certificate in Hypertonic - Basic
  • Certificate in Hypertonic - Advanced

Associative Memberships

  • A.T.M.S. 6428
  • Massage Network 2652
  • Member FMHI 1411
  • Kineseology - Associate Member   number  393