Magnetic Therapy


Electro magnetic therapy is an integral part of the human body. During the day the sun emits a positive magnetic force; at night however the earth ‘s negative magnetic force increases cellular oxygen, encourages deep restorative sleep, supports biological healing, reduces inflammation and reduces pain. more...

During the day, the sun’s positive energy can have the oppostive effect on the body while stimulating wakefullness, with prolonged exposure, the metabolic funtioning produces acidity, reduces cellular oxygen and encourages the spread of latent micro organisms.

Physical and mental energy and function are controlled by chemical electromagnetic impulses to and the through the brain and central nervous system. Cells are para magnetic. Depriving the body of a magnetic environment results in stiff shoulders – back – neck and chest pains, headache, dizziness, insomnia, habitual constipation and general weariness. A lack of magnetic energy is known as Magnetic Field Deficiency. Applying magnetic fields to living organisms produces bilogical responses.

A magnetic field will influence one or more of the body’s complex systems i.e. the blood circulatory system, the metabolism of cells, the endocrine glands, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, the internal organs, the gastro-intestinal system, acupuncture meridians etc. Magnetic Therapy using permanent magnets can be applied either directly by contact with the body at the affected area (muscle/blood cells , organ or endocrine gland) or indirectly via methods including: using magnets on the hands or feet in order to treat the internal organs via meridian channels; drinking magnetic water and stimulating acupuncture points with special magnets.

These methods include various conditions (e.g. oxygenation, producing an alkaline environment reducing fluid retention, reducing fatty deposits, stimulating melatonin production, revitalising magnetic potential, potentiating the free radical scavenger and antioxident system, neutralising current flows in cerebral neurons – which will result in pain relief, encouraging and accelerating healing.

Magnetic Therapy is thus useful for:

  • Pain Reduction – Arthritis, Foot pain, Migraine, Fibrositis etc
  • General Therapy – restoring ph balance, burns, bruises etc
  • Conditioning improved skin, hair texture, immune functioning etc
  • Stress Management – obsessive compulsiveness, seizures etc
  • Weight Management – bio-negative field magnetism reduces/disolves fatty deposits – which are acidic.

Clinical test – magnetic mats/pads – success rates:

  • Neck and shoulder pain 71%
  • Back and lower back pain 80.3%
  • General back pain 86.7%
  • Lower limb pain 79.4%
  • Insomnia 87.1%
  • Fatigue 82.8%

MAGNETIC POLARITIES: Bio-magnetic north: also called Negative magnetic energy

  • Increases negative ions
  • pH-normalising – creates alkaline effect
  • Oxygenating
  • Resolves cellular edema
  • Usually reduces symptoms
  • Can relieve addictive withdrawal symptoms
  • Inhibits micro-organisms replication
  • Biologically normalising
  • Governs rest, relaxation and sleep
  • Restores magnetic biological energy
  • Evokes anabolic hormone production – melatonin and growth hormone
  • Counters and processes matabolic produced toxins out of the body
  • Cancels out free radicals
  • The magnetic energy expressed and governing during metabolic healing.

Bio-magnetic south: also call Positive magnetic energy

  • Increases positive ions
  • Acid producing
  • Oxygen deficit producing
  • Evokes cellular edema
  • Often evokes or exacerbates the existing symptoms
  • Stress evokes endorphin productionand can thus be addicting
  • Accelerates micor-organism replication
  • Biologically disorganising
  • Governs wakefulness and action.
  • Uses up magnetic biological energy
  • Evokes catabolic hormone (and inhibits anabolic hormone) production
  • Produces metabolically toxic end products of metabolism and does not counter or process these toxins out of the body.
  • Produces free radicals
  • The magnetic energy indicates initially at the site of injury.

Side Effects: No adverse side effects have been observed with negative magnetic energy (Biomagnetic North). Since the development of M.R.S equipment and concerns about their very strong magnetic fields, the FDA has classified magnetic field exposure as “not essentially harmful”.