HomeobotanicalsThe Homeobotanical Practitioner is a health professional who combines the focus of the homeopathic remedy with the cleansing power of the herbal tinctures for therapeutic purposes.

Homeobotanical remedies have three distinct actions in the body:

Physical action includes drainage/stimulating the elimination of toxins from specific areas of the body.

Nutritional components assist in the assimilation of minerals or other micronutrients and as a synergistic action which reinforces whatever other healing techniques are being employed.

The dynamic action arises from the homeopathic potentisation and enables these remedies to directly stimulate healing. The low potency adopted produces a gently sustained response, resulting in remarkably few problems even in sensitive patients.

Homeobotanical remedies are carefully blended remedies, which are prepared for the patient's special needs. The remedies are diluted 1/10 and 1/100 of usual concentration. Homeobotanicals – an energy medicine – known to put an energy of vibration into the tincture.

Homeobotanical therapy is a core therapy. Onto this core is added whatever therapeutic manipulation is desired, that could be medicinal/nutritional or psychological support.

This liquid tincture is interacting with another ocmplex entity – the human body – which assimilates the tincture into its own.

There are many illnesses that demand orthodox treatments. As long as no serious disease is overlooked, homeobotanicals can be used for acute illnesses. Theoretically they can be prescribed as a supplementary form of treatment in almost any situation.

Medicine is anything which when it enters the body, alters its structure or function.

Plants have always been mans closest companion, they capture solar energy to help to build their complex molecules of matter form soil minerals/oxygen/carbon which man uses as nutrients to give him energy.

Homeobotanicals use 42 different base remedies that can be mixed in any combination in individual potions.

Heating homeobotanicals or homeopathics above 40 degrees destroys their molecular imprint and therapeutic action. Therefore it is important to keep them in a cool place.

Homeobotanical medication allows what nature intended – throw off illness by working from within.

These tinctures/medications are safe for all ages, non-addictive; they cause no harm, even if an overdose is taken by mistake.

Homeobotanicals are used in the treatment of:

  • Allergies – chronic and acute
  • Gastric dysfunction/colonic dysfunction
  • Heart/circulation
  • Trauma/shock
  • Coughing/Expectorant
  • Respiratory – to heal lungs
  • Kidney genito-urinary system
  • Bush flowers – Bach Flower Gem Essences can be added to enhance and support imbalances.

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