Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences are a form of liquid energy with amazing powers for uplifting the spirit and bringing relief from disease / moods / emotions / anxiety / guilt and anger that arises from everyday living.

The main goal of the practitioner is to build up the health of the body by cleansing it, viewing the body's disease as imbalancing, using herbal tinctures to correct that imbalance.

Orthodox medicine attempts to cure by killing the infection with powerful inorganic drugs / vaccines / serums, while the Herbal Essence Healer – a natural healer – recognizes that disease is the result of a violation of nature and that germs cannot exist in harmful numbers for any length of time. To overcome disease is to dimunate the poisons / toxins through the body’s channel and allowing vitality to return to the body.

Plants are the most ancient form of medicine. A herbal medicine / essence is made up of several herbs which act together to affect a healing in the body in a particular body area.

So what is a herbal essence?

It is a posy of herbs selected for the special healing qualities in the body.

When making herbal tinctures from flowers / stems / roots / bark, they are diluted time and time again until little of the original substance remains.

What lingers on is the molecular imprint of its active ingredients, acting primarily at an energetic level.

A healing crisis may occur when the symptoms get worse, before they get better.

The precise low potency of herbal essences allows them to be used safely for anyone.

Herbal and Flower Essences may be used together to achieve a “total” healing and harmony in all dimensions