Over the years I have produced a large number of handout sheets for my patients. Those of you who have attended my clinic in Hill End will have seen many of these. I thought that some of them could be useful to those of you who came to the web site for information.

We are converting our Client Information Sheets to Adobe PDF format for easy web download. After conversion, they will appear here so that you can access them for yourselves.



better posture Back to Basics for Better Posture
It’s a fact that bad posture accounts for 80 per cent of all back problems experienced in the industrialized western world. When you consider that five million Australians suffer from chronic back pain, and that every year half a million new victims join the bad back club, there’s good reason to start considering ways to improve your posture.

Preventing Lower Back Pain
In addition to doing a regular strength and conditioning program for the appropriate musculature, lower back pain can be combated by maintaining good posture at all times.

herbal medicine The Wonderful World of Herbs
Herbs Can Work Wonders. While they can indeed work wonders, it is important to understand that homeobotanicals cannot make up for practices that conflict with good health, such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, substance abuse, and so forth.

What is the Function of Blood in our bodies?
Blood has wider connotations in Oriental Medicine than in Western understanding. Apart from transporting the body’s nourishment, the Blood also plays a role in housing the Mind.

An orthotic is a bio-dynamic device that fits into shoes to accomplish two things. To insure that the foot moves correctly through the various phases of walking or running (which include heel contact, whole foot contact, and toe-oft), the orthotic functions like a rudder, to help the foot in proper follow-through.

As a practitioner of Homeobotanical medicine for some 12 years now (Reg. No. Hb1411), I’d like to draw your attention to the efficacy of its treatments which draws on the powerful natural healing effects of a great range of plant species. Among these, one of the most widely utilised is the famous Ginko biloba, whose health-giving properties were already long appreciated in Chinese traditional medicine wherein the nuts and, sometimes, leaves of the tree were used in the treatments of a range of illnesses including asthma, coughs, diarrhoea, and bladder problems, to name a few.

Magnetic Field Therapy
I thought I might tell you a little this time about a form of therapy which I have practised for quite a few years now and which I heartily recommend for a whole range of conditions. I am referring to Magnetic Field Therapy, the efficacy of which is a thing of mystery to many people.

In the Chinese tradition, energy is absorbed into the human body via portals of entry in the skin. These portals of entry coincide with acupuncture points, which are inlets along a specialised line meridian system running deep below the integument for organ structures.