Deep Tissue

What is Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy?

deep tissueDeep Tissue is a massage that is characterised by firm constant compression and strokes applied parallel to the muscle fibres intended to affect the deeper structures of the muscular-skeletal system as well as the skin and more superficial fascial and muscles.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy is a curative massage process which deals with the problems where it is manifesting in the body and traces it to its origin.

It is a scientific, specific and systematic method of eliminating toxic wastes, blocks, tension and fibrous connective tissue throughout the muscular system. Physical as well as psychological problems may result from unresolved experiences in our past.

Our bodies always live in the here and now, but our awareness often lags behind, playing and replaying different variations of past events.

These events of your past are inscribed in "your flesh" and so your body shows your life story clearly, that anybody who is trained in reading can tell the approximated time and nature of major events, physical and emotional without asking a question. Over-acid conditions caused by diet, stress and chemical reactions within the body causes the muscles to shrink, harden and become excessively fibrous, which limits their movements within the body, thus causing irritations in the joints, vertebrae and bones of the body.

You may close down your sense of pain, however, any affliction that causes pain does not go away, it slowly disappears from our consciousness. The cause remains, even though you've ceased to be aware of it.

To get a sense of how such suppression of pain can sap your energy:

  • Make a fist...
  • Squeeze that fist tight...
  • Tight...
  • Tighter still
  • Good.
  • Keep squeezing!

What other muscles can you feel are that tightened without you meaning to do so? Release your fist! How much of your hand feels relieved? How much of your arm? How much of the rest of your body? How much mental attention conscious or unconscious was on maintaining the pressure of your fist? This is the way pain, tension, stress and discomfort occupy the energies by which you live!
The physical goal in DTMT is to "sculpt" the skeletal system and return the natural postural alignment and full rotational movements to all joints.
In order to accomplish this, the body's muscular systems are relaxed, separated and elongated while distorting layer upon layer of individual excessive, tight, fibrous, contracted and spasmodic tissues. Consequently proper circulation to all parts of the body is enhanced, providing blood nourishment and energy. The body can only heal itself when proper circulation is restored to it.
Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy usually consists of 12 sessions. At the end of the treatments you will find that life has become more harmonious than it was, you feel more in the flow of life. Things just seem to fall into place, you will experience a sense of surrendering rather than collapsing.

There is something of enlightenment that comes about through integration.

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